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CAPE TOWN JETS: Photo Gallery

Jet flights are no longer available in Cape learn about other great flying adventures, visit

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GC gets fitted for helmet and oxygen mask
Helmet & oxygen
mask for Greg
We skimmed across a mountain peak, over a reservoir, then Mike pointed the Bucc's nose straight down and headed for the valley at .70 Mach. What a rush! I felt I could reach out and touch the terrain.
  ~ Greg Claxton, Director of Sales, Incredible Adventures
Cape Town has to be the most beautiful city in the world. After flying the incredible jets, there's so much to see and do. The mountains and coastline are unbelievable!

~ Jane Reifert, President, Incredible Adventures

Ejection Seat Training (25K)
Preflight preparations
Preflight preparations (27K)
The Buccaneer
The Buccaneer (14K)
Penguins on the Boulder Beach, South Africa
Penguins at Boulder Beach (35K)
Feeding the Ostriches
Feeding time (36K)
Victoria and Albert Waterfront, Cape Town
Victoria & Albert Waterfront (44K)
Panoramic View of Hout Bay
Panoramic view of
Hout Bay
Catching Crayfish on Hout Bay
Catching Crayfish for dinner (33K)

Ready for Hawker Flight (26K)
Dinner Time and MBH
Dinner time (32K)

Helmet fitting (20K)
Penguin Alert and JR
Penguin Alert (35K)
Baboon Crossing
Baboon Crossing (35K)
Cabriere Estate Vineyards
Cabriere Estate Vineyards (32K)

Safety Briefing (23K)
Mascot of Simon's Rock
Mascot of Simon's Town (40K)

Mission Accomplished (17K)
View from Chapman's Peak
View from Chapman's Peak (22K)


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